Portraits lined the hallway. No matter where you stood, it seemed like the eyes were following you, staring at you in disdain. Freddy didn't care for the effect, so he hurried his way through the hall to the sitting room.

A large statue stood in the center of the room. The white marble figure resembled a famous historical figure, but Freddy couldn't quite place just which one--perhaps Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin 1.0, to be exact. Ben Franklin 1.2 was currently going through some new, more rigorous testing because Baron Von Bonn's steambot army made short work of the original. Luckily, the Founding Fathers Freedom Fighters (The 4-F) were able to save a bit of DNA to clone a new Ben. They needed him. He was the brains of the operation.

Freddy walked up to the enormous statue and rubbed on of the figure's feet. A hatch silently slid open on the far wall, and Freddy entered 4-F Headquarters.

George Washington 1.6 and Thomas Jefferson Beta 0.3 sat at a glowing console, watching as digital representations of their rebel forces flickered out--troops were dying left and right. Things did n


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Gone Awry over 13 years ago

Very historically accurate. But: Ben Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in the same room? They're all from different time periods!

theshoes76 (joined over 13 years ago)

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