Ridiculous. He was being utterly ridiculous.
"Married? You want to get married?" She stared at him with dumbfounded annoyance. He looked completely serious.
"Of course I do. Don't you? What is so absurd about getting married? I thought we were happy."
She closed her eyes for a moment, held them shut tightly, and reopened them. Nope, she thought. Still there. Still looking at me, waiting, expecting.
"Jim, we can't get married. You must be crazy. I was going to ask you to take me home, but I think I'll call a cab." She reached into her purse to pull out a cell phone, but Jim grabbed her wrist.
"Cally, please. Just think about this. Give me a chance to explain." His eyes pleaded with her.
"Jim, we've known each other for less than two hours. This is our first date. You can't propose on a first date." She pulled her wrist from his grip and started to dial. She turned away from him as someone answered her call.
After she gave the cab telephone operator her location and hit the end button, she turned back to Jim. He was smiling at her. The craziness she'd seen in his eyes earlier was gone. He actually started to laugh a little. At first, Cally was annoyed. She tried to verbalize this, but all that came out were bumbling syllables. He just smiled more. Finally she gave in.
She started laughing, and he joined her.
"What a weird guy," she thought on the


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dnmtwthlsrbm over 11 years ago

...cab ride home.
Just ran out of time :(

Gone Awry over 11 years ago

That's ok. You need a 7th minute, that's all.

Tucker Cummings over 11 years ago

I liked this.

dnmtwthlsrbm over 11 years ago

Thanks :)

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