Stupid, insignificant human! Does he not realise his days are numbered? As soon as he releases me from this cardboard prison, he will die! Now I just need to get him to let me out. Perhaps mewing pathetically will do the trick. I do hate to degrade myself in such a manner, but if needs must...

I tell you, my life was perfect before he came along. The Owners used to feed me, tickle me under the chin until I purred, and let me take over the Big Bed during the day. Sometimes even at night too. Mmmm. Those were good nights.

But now I have the Child to contend with. He doesn't feed me or tickle me under the chin, he just lies on top of me and pulls my tail. And when I try to sleep in the Big Bed, he picks me up and tries to make me 'play a game'. He must learn. Cats are a superior species. They do not 'play games'. Especially not games which involve captivity inside cardboard trucks.

Damnation! I spent too long pondering on the negative traits of the Child and now he's gone into the other room and shut the door! Now no-one will hear my cries for help! I guess I shall just have to make the best of the situation. It isn't quite the Big Bed, but it'll be fine for a little nap.


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