100 feet away. She had only been 100 feet away.
I could have caught up with her, stopped her maybe, but my feet were rooted to the one spot, and hers were just about to float out over the edge.
She turned and smiled and waved just a little, her hand moving from side to side, like we saw the Queen do once on television.
Then she jumped.
Then my feet decided they were free to move as I wanted them to and I ran to the edge. I looked out and saw her head break the surface of the water. She smiled at me and told me to stop being such a chicken.
I pulled off my shirt and kicked off my shoes and closed my eyes and jumped into the clear, chlorinated water of the pool below.


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Gone Awry over 11 years ago

Whew! I thought she was going to jump off a cliff or something! Don't scare me like that!

CraigTowsley over 11 years ago

When I started writing, I thought she was too! Hahhaha

Gone Awry about 11 years ago

Oh, totally! I almost busted a nerve when i started reading. I almost laughed out loud when she told him to, and i quote, "stop being such a chicken". Loved it!! Keep on writing, dude!

CraigTowsley about 11 years ago

Thanks skymar! Your lovely comment lifted me up from the slow slant of the doldrums.

CraigTowsley (joined over 11 years ago)
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