The lone zombie shambled toward the clubhouse, where we watched, armed with nine irons and pitching wedges. I turned to Adam and said, "Par three, buddy."

"You're on, Sev," Adam replied, and grabbed a bucket of balls, ran out to the porch, and teed up.

His swing was a bit off, and he hooked it, but the ball stayed on the fairway. Not bad, considering the threat of gruesome zombie death that potentially loomed.

"Okay, this time I got him!" Adam shouted, and teed up another ball.

This time, his shot was picture-perfect, and the ball whizzed through the air, nailing the shambler square between the eyes. The head caved in like a soft melon, and the living dead creature crumpled to the ground.

"Nice shootin, Tex," I yelled. "Now, get the hell back in here and grab a bite to eat before you become the bite that's eaten!"

Adam grabbed his bucket and ran back to the clubhouse. He locked and barred the door, and together we pushed a filing cabinet across the threshold.

"How many balls do we have left?" he asked.

"Not enough," I said. "There are never enough."


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TimSevenhuysen about 13 years ago

Hah, fun. I like it.

theshoes76 (joined over 13 years ago)

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