Absent. Gone gone gone, baby gone. She's gone again. She's away. She's fled, she's left the scene. She's vanished. You want to call the cops, hire a bounty hunter, marshal the town, grab the pitchforks, light the torches, whatever it takes, to drag her back. You would do so much, you know you would.

It's the future you can't get a hold of. You know the past and you want to scratch the eyes out of the present, but you don't want to see what's ahead. Just bring her home. This is all. Anything now, you'll do anything. Come back. Come back. You don't want to admit you'll never bear it, you'll never be the same. She took everything with her, she whittled you down, almost to nothing and she scattered you wherever she went. You've gone missing in the wake of her escape.

You'd tell everyone. Shout it from the rooftops. You'd curse the whole world and it's mother. Nothing would stop you from breaking down. Nothing, only, except - you aren't here anymore. She's lost you.


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