The year was 1986, a foggy memory bubbling up to the surface of John's mind. He felt the asphault digging into his palms as he pushed himself up to his feet. His back screamed at him to stay down, but there was no time to remain limp on the floor.
200 years, thought John. This was the world as it was 200 years ago. John smiled to himself then, everyone had told him he was crazy... that his ideas were ludicrous. Time travel?.. a concept for the inept and idealistic as one professor had put it. With the arrival of dark matter however, had come a whole slough of new sciences and inventions. While people had never started flying cars, they had managed to create fantastic medicines to cure cancers and combat disease. 2186 had been a time of severe overpopulation coupled with exponential technological growth. A growth that had began at the turn of the millenium.
John began searching for something he could bring back with him... the explosion of the dark matter was set to occur in 15 minutes. The ripple backwards in time would give John just enough time jump back to the present. LA, 1986... someone was selling fruit on the corner, John decided to stay.


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