He ripped the tape off the top of the box, and thrust open the flaps. There was a small cardboard van inside. He took it out gingerly, and held it up to his face, and smiled. The cat inside meowed at him.

The mail-order company had come through once again! He placed it on his shelf of Interesting Things.

He had taken it upon himself to order the most interesting things he could find in the local newspaper or on eBay and arrange it on this shelf. That way, he could impress almost anyone who walked through that door. The man headed into the kitchen to get some food for the cat.

It had worked. Whether it was due to the vintage lifejacket from a decommissioned ship, or a set of salt and pepper shakers modeled after the various actors to portray the Doctor from Doctor Who, the shelf never failed to garner amazement and envy from his guests.

Except for the lovely lady he set it up for in the first place.


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TimSevenhuysen about 11 years ago

Heh, nice one. But such a sad twist!

bespectakate about 11 years ago


James Vernon (joined about 11 years ago)
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