Flan in the face, flan in the face, flan in the face.

A wild grin stretched across his face, an expression of pure exuberance, of joy and abandon, just before the pie tin splattered the gelatinous goo all over his tweed coat.

The students were gathered outside the lecture hall, sprawling in the hundreds in the oppressive heat. Here and there, groups had clustered beneath the maple branches, trying desperately to stave off exhaustion. They had been at it for two days already: the most notorious sit-in in America's higher educational history.

As if to further puzzle the wayward boomers who brought the rebellion upon themselves, the students had taken to bizarre acts; for example, the pie toss underway...

Participants would be handed a perfect-looking pie of various flavors (taken from the student cafe in the protests; "reappropriated", they said), then shove it into the face of whomever was closest


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