The butterflies danced outside her window bidding her to come and play. Lessons, lessons, lessons, She looked again just as a fairy slipped beneath the rose petals on her windowsill. She looked closer but couldn't be sure. Was that a fairy foot or just some dust. Mum was calling from downstairs. She looked around and then opened the window just big enough to squeeze through.
On the ledge her wings unfurled and she was off. Dancing in the breeze. The hummingbirds joined her and together they flew off to the honeysuckle where there was a party for the king. Who, amazingly, turned out to be the cute boy in her calculus class, how unlikely.
It seemed the time flew until the shooting stars began to disappear and what in the world was that horrible sound. The fairies all were startled and flew in every direction. She knew what it meant but tried to resist as the forces of responsibility drug her kicking and screaming back to her room. She was worn from resisting and there was a crease in her cheek that looked much like the edge of the book but most certainly came from being crashed against the edge of the window.
She thought about the king fairy ..... what was his name again?


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