“We were thrown overboard, casted onto the waters left to our demise! They captured us, tortured our very souls mercilessly with wicked demands! ”

“No, I saw you guys, you had parachutes, and falling in the water were totally your own fault.”

“But we were held hostage, left in a God-forsaken tower all tied up with (mostly) nothing to eat or drink! Only when rays of the forgotten sun poked through the crevices of the sturdy wooden door, were we forcefully fed with the remains of frogs and sour wine!”

“Oh, you mean the balcony? Isn’t access to the torch blocked for decades because of safety issues? I would have considered myself lucky to have been granted permission if I were you…”


“No, you know what- I don’t believe you. You were not in the torch. They would not allow…”

“Ugh, I’m just gonna say this out loud – the chick of Liberty was laaaame. Talk about high maintenance. We couldn’t even touch her without her entourage’s saucer-peering eyes all over my awesome suite. And she fancies herself the so-called symbol of independence. Oh, wait…



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Tommy-Louise over 13 years ago

Challenge Accepted <3

Pustevis (joined over 13 years ago)

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adventure skydiving statue of liberty challenge referring to a certain sitcom..


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