The bear was furious. That much we were sure of. This had been its cave, and we'd simply marched in, claws bared, claiming a challenge, ready to fight. It had been nothing against the bear, per say. We'd simply needed a place, to stay, and this was the first shelter from the rain we'd found. It was simple, and it was away.

Away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, the terrible overload and smell and sound and sights; a wonderful palette for the senses to sample, yes, but far too much. We had simply taken it wrong, it was too Different. It was nothing like home had been; quiet and calm, everyone isolated, interactions rare, that was the place we needed to be. And that was what we had found here, far from the city, out in the forest, where it was cold, dark, where the rain struck hard and chilled us to the bone, because we were so close to the heavens here.

It had been nothing against the bear, really, it had just had the right idea, and we needed to copy it. That was the sincerest form of flattery on this planet, was it not? That was merely one of the nuggets of wisdom we'd picked up on our travels thus far. Not terribly useful, but it seemed to hold true here. We hoped the bear was flattered.


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