She'd have preferred The Electric Chair to be the name of the band. But she was out voted by the drummer and the bassist who wanted The Hanged Man.

What, did they want to give the impression that they were unable to spell? She had asked on numerous occasions. But none have them had understood what she was saying.

Well, the guitarist had, but Jeff had wanted the band to be called The Rainbow Rogues so he didn't really count.

They had been a band for about six months and had yet to unanimously agree on anything.

They hadn't been able to agree on which songs to play, what to wear, or evidently what their name was - they had gone through seventeen already.

"Here they are, for one night and one night only, The Hanged Men!"

She groaned as they were announced incorrectly, again. Yeah, this name would not be sticking around long either.


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The loud chick in the corner.

With the big eyes.

And the notebook in her bag.

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She'd have preferred the electric chair.
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