Gigantic. Alana stared at it, her mouth open wide. The only word to describe it was gigantic.
"I - I don't know what to say." her voice was barely louder than a whisper.
"Say 'yes'." prompted Max, his eyes wide with anticipation.
Alana stared at it, not daring to make eye contact with him. It was all such a shock and she hated suprises.
He should know that, if he knew her as much as he said he did, he would know this about her. That he didn't raised all sorts of questions.
Braving a glance at Max, she saw the silent pleading in his eyes. She felt backed into a corner. If she refused, he would be heartbroken, but was that enough of a reason to say yes? She wished Kate, her best friend was here, she would know what to do. Diplomacy had never been Alana's strong point.
Mentally weighing up the pros and cons, she sighed, nodding slowly.
"Okay." she said with a calm tone, "Okay. Yes, you can."
Max's face was a picture, as it shone with pure happiness. That split moment made her certain that she had made the right decision.
"Really?" he seemed like he hardly dare believe it was real.
Nodding, a huge smile spreading across her face, Alana let out a tiny laugh.
"Yes, really."
"Gee, thanks Mum!" Max jumped onto the bike and raced it around the yard.
The salesman looked at her, his face almost as eager as Max's had been, as she reached into her bag for her purse.
Watching Max balance on one wheel, she felt a lump in her throat, remembering the spring day, he had first rode his Fireman Sam bike without stabilisers, now here he was picking his first 'big boy' bike.


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