This dream was better than waking.

In this dream, she lay next to him, fingers entwined talking about school, family, tv shows, the universe - they were creating inside jokes, they were getting to know each other and they were having fun.

In reality, she was hours away from him.

In this dream, he smiled at her and reached for her hand.

In reality, he had avoided making physical contact, eye contact, even making contact via phone.

In this dream, they fell into each other and fit perfectly.

In reality, the jigsaw pieces felt scattered and she had no idea how to put them all back together.

In this dream, everything was fine, she was sure, she was happy, lightsabers and superheroes existed and she could never be hurt.

In reality, the only promise she had ever believed in was beginning to unravel.

In this dream, she wished she could stay, curled up with him forever, ignoring the outside world, just living in the bubble where everything was perfect.

But reality kicked it's way into the bubble, the room, and nothing lasts forever.

All she was left with was the memory to keep her warm at night.


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Gone Awry over 11 years ago

Aww. I'm crying over here. Reminds me of my own experience.

Tommy-Louise (joined almost 12 years ago)
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The loud chick in the corner.

With the big eyes.

And the notebook in her bag.

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This dream was better than waking.
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