He didn't think he was much of a cat person until he met Matilda. He'd found her one morning in a battered cardboard box on his doorstep and, seeing her huge green eyes and tiny paws, took her into the house. But he didn't know then that Matilda was a very special cat.

The first couple of years passed and Matilda grew from a small ball of fluff into a fully grown feline with glossy black fur. But it was the third year that Matilda began to change dramatically.

The black began to fall away to be replaced by bright orange fur, white stripes appearing intermittently. Matilda grew and grew becoming too big for a house pet. She was no longer interested in cat food at took an unusually violent interest in anyone who approached the house. Tiny teeth grew into large fangs and the endearing meow he had grown to love turned into a fearsome roar. Matilda had grown into a Tiger.


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Tommy-Louise over 11 years ago

Cats <3

Gone Awry over 11 years ago

i'm more of a dog person, but this was still a good story! that's what happens when you adopt a cat without getting it DNA tested first!

Tilly0106 (joined over 11 years ago)

I have a very strong aversion to anyone reading anything I've written ever. But I feel that since I'm doing JointHons English and Creative Writing I should probably get used to it.

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He didn't think he was much of a cat person until he met Matilda.
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