The bear was furious. This wasn't going to end well for the gang.

They'd been playing hide and seek in the woods when little Timmy had stumbled upon the bears cave. At first Lew the bear had been rather friendly and joined in with there games. He was a big fan of hide and seek and had a bit of a speed advantage when it came to tag due to his size and speed.

The problems had started when it came to meal time, Lew was heading back to cave to grab his standard salmon and berries. He wasn't a salmon and berries fan, but his mother had told him that's what all people had to eat. While munching down on his salmon he caught whiff of a tomatoey smell. Curious he headed out to find the source of the smell. He found the gang camped out round a fire cooking bolognaise.

Enraged he stormed in demanding to know what this wonderful food was and why he had never been allowed it. He slashed at timmy and took of his face.

Ben chirped up 'and thats why we dont hang out with bears'


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Tommy-Louise over 11 years ago


Galen over 11 years ago

*shrug* My mom told me the same thing every night. :D

Touchstone117 (joined over 11 years ago)

I like writing. But I generally fail at English. Go figure.

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