(To read Part 3, follow this link: http://sixminutestory.com/stories/somewhere-better-part-3.)

"Choose as you please," said Someone Good. "Surrender to the breeze, or fight for control. Which do you value: predictability, or potential. The known and the now, or the unknown, the good?"

As the air whipped in gusts around her, gripping her, twisting her, she struggled. Within herself, she wrestled for a choice. Would she allow herself to be carried up by these winds of change?

Somehow she knew that this was a defining moment. It was here, in the borderlands of Somewhere Better, that she could either fight her way back to the life she knew, the anonymity, the one-among-millions, the surrounded-yet-alone, or let herself go, give in to the promptings and the pushings of this creature that called itself Someone Good.

If she gave in, what would happen? If she released her hold on this comfortable grassy hill, where would she land?

A new voice whispered into the wind: "Someone Good has granted you a choice: will you remain in your 'here', or will you strive towards 'there'?"

This voice... It was the voice that came from the mouths of Someone Good, but in its purity, in its absent presence.

"Know," it said. "No one else can choose your choice. But here is the mystery of my promise to you: aim for my theres, and I will be with you in your heres."

The voice was swallowed in a hurricane of sound, and the new world she had somehow fallen into was whipped into a frenzy of long, lashing blades of emerald grass. Someone Good was gone.

She gritted her teeth, grasping at the grass with her hands as her feet, and then her entire body, were lifted into the air. With a helpless cry,

she let go,

and she was lifted on the wind, far above her hill on the border of Somewhere Better.

She landed there.


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TimSevenhuysen almost 12 years ago

That would be kind of a cool feature, but I don't know that it's necessarily worth prioritizing. I'm not sure the format is best suited to sequences and storylines. It's just something I'm playing with. But if you have the time to do it, it might be fun!

Galen almost 12 years ago

This is really shaping up! Should I look into a way to link the stories? Like, YouTube video responses?

TimSevenhuysen almost 12 years ago

And you could give people the option, when "responding" to a story, to either work off the same prompt, or use the current day's prompt.

TimSevenhuysen (joined about 12 years ago)
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