I knew it would be two foggy to see the dock from the top of Crescent Hill but Grandfather had insisted, and so we went. It took nearly an hour by carriage but we had a grand old time. Millicent Hedgegrove was with us. I knew that she had been sweet on Grandfather but never really wanted to admit it. Mother and Father took turns laughing at the antics of Celeste and I and fussing at us for being too silly.
The carriage could only take us so far and then we had to climb the half mile up Crescent Hill. Of course Sissy, as I liked to call Celeste, walked only the smallest portion and then rode on my back, father's back and even on Grandfather's back. We finally came to the top of the hill. All laughing and out of breath but sadly there was no view to the big ships. The fog was rolling in faster then anyone expected. It was only 3:00 and usually it would be later when such a thing happened.
The whole little trip but have been disappointing but we decided to enjoy ourselves dancing on the hill and laughing together. The biggest surprise came with Grandfather proposed to Mrs. Hedgrove and she said yes.


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