"Do you believe in ghosts?" he asked
"No I don't." she replied
"You're about to."

The doors opened wide with their bottoms scrapping across the wooden panelled floor. The light shone out in a thing line and then a bigger line and then a rectangle and then eclipsed the entire room in thick white light.

She turned to him with fear in her eyes. She was quaking in her little boots, her little hands started shaking too, she searched for comfort. He held out his hand.

"All good things" he started, require a leap of faith..."

She looked him in the eyes as if God himself was compelling her to do the impossible. The white light started to crawl out of the room, enveloping the thunder outside. The thunder. Roaring and tumbling into the room, echoing throughout her ears drums before resting upon her fearful tears. Her breathing quickened, she reached out her hand.

They held on for dear life.

Together they took one step. The man's stone face started to shake and shiver, the world started to crack, the light swallowed them whole. They couldn't see as they stepped more into the cream abyss the world behind them seemed to grow further and further away. It seemed to grow smaller, shape and disfigure itself.

The doors shut on them as they were left inside the pale world.

"Welcome... welcome home."

She looked around, the voice didn't come from this man. This tall, mysterious and stone-faced man. He had come for her in the night, convinced her to follow him, somehow she was so willing. Oh so willing, like she didn't have a choice.

She ran away from him deeper into the abyss, calling out for the voice.

"They always do that." he said, alone.

His face quivered.

"They grow up so fast."


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Galen almost 13 years ago


Galen almost 13 years ago

And welcome to Six Minute Story :)

Gone Awry almost 13 years ago

Very good. she sounds so small, so fragile.

Nathan Hardisty (joined almost 13 years ago)
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hero An intuitive, perceptive girl with an eye for detail
villain Someone who knows something about her that she doesn't
goal Find out what he knows, and make sense of it
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