We stood on the sidewalk, our sodas sweating onto our hands. My fingers were so slick I thought any second now the plastic cup would slip through them and smash into the floor. I adjusted my grip, and you smiled slyly.

"Do you want to come in?" You asked, gesturing at your house, behind us. One lone light lit the front yard. I looked at it for a second, judging whether it would be a stupid idea. Results: Extremely stupid.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" Everyone knows the best adventure stories begin with "Why not?" and the worst romances start with the same words. You grinned, turning and leading me up the walkway.

I wish I could say the thought at least crossed my mind that I should just say goodnight. Unfortunately, I jumped right in, or followed. Your house had the same light smell of beef Top Ramen that your jacket had, and it looked comfy; lived in.

"There's a couch over there if you want to sit," you said. I jumped a little startled, not realizing that I'd been standing there for several seconds. I laughed, and sat on the couch.

Here I come, trouble, I thought almost absentmindedly. Something made me think it wasn't of the adventure sort.


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