Andy abhorrs aggressive people, but he adores alliteration. He likes sunlight, and soft things, and words that start with the same letter as his name. Andy doesn't like to be touched, but he likes to touch things. Soft things are the best, especially Maggie's dog with his shaggy fur and smiling face. Sometimes, Andy likes to sleep on him, and Maggie lets him. Andy has a good life most of the time, when people leave him alone or when he gets chips for his tea. He likes wearing no socks and feeling the grass between his toes, because it's soft, too.

Andy likes his autism. It starts with the same letter as his name.


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TimSevenhuysen over 12 years ago

Pretty good. Feels like a glimpse inside someone's mind, a different perspective on life. The first sentence, with the alliteration comment, feels a touch out of place with the cadence of the rest of the story; maybe it's just that "abhors" doesn't really match the emotion or the vocabulary level of the rest of the writing. It kind of... stands out.

Overall, though, really good!

bespectakate over 12 years ago

I really, really liked this

murphykam (joined over 12 years ago)

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