It wasn't mine. Maybe I lost the idea of whose fault it was when the map flew over the side of the ferry. Yes, it started to rain, and yes, it was I who had forgotten the umbrella at home, but it didn't matter, Damn it. We were going to have an excellent time, through no fault of my own.

The day went off as uneventful. We disembarked, walked along the road through town to a nice shanty-like restaurant on the water. We could look out over the marina and the moored vessels and smell the brine and brackish as we enjoyed our chowder.

As we got up to leave, I reached for my wallet.


She pulled her wallet out, paid the check, and we walked on, through the Main streets and shops that we had missed in our grumbling sojourn to fill our stomachs. I was O for Two.

We made it back for the 6:30 ferry, with another 30 minutes of sea ahead of us on our way back to the car. As we coasted along blissfully in the spitting waves, we noticed a seal wearing a paper hat floating on his back alongside the boat. With a quick flick of his flipper, he waved at us. "Goodbye. Hope you had a nice time on the island!" He gave a wink of the nostril, a wink of the eye, and barrel rolled out of sight.


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