Taste. The middle, forgotten brother in the family of senses.
They don't have helper dogs or monkeys for people who can't taste anything. No one is working on smaller and smaller devices to amplify or stimulate tastebuds.

You can either taste or not and no one really cares.

The one good thing about not tasting anything is you can win all kinds of money on the playground by eating things. Things that might seem disgusting.

I was the richest kid in elementary school. I'd takle bets and then down worms or bugs or the digusting ham and peanut butter sandwich someone's aunt made them while their parents are away on vacation.

I put all that money in secret piggy bank, and then later in a high interest saving account.

50,000$ sits there, growing.

The scientist I spoke to said he needed at least one million to start developing a prosthetic tongue.

I have a mouthful of relish and marshmallows, and swallow it. I add another 10


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I think this site is like a power juicer to the armadillo-skinned oranges of writer's block.

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