By Jane Jones

He was late again. This had happened a lot over the past month and tonight she was determined to find out why.

She had been busy all day clearing out his wardrobe. He never did this and sometimes it annoyed her so she did it for him and it was beans on toast for his dinner. She hated doing him beans on toast as she always thought it was not a proper dinner but tonight she just wanted to make him happy so beans on toast it was going to be.
She poured herself another glass of wine and waited. His beer was in its usual place just waiting for him to come home. He liked his routine; beer in it’s place when he comes home, dinner and then more work before he sat down but he always makes her laugh however busy he is and she missed that . She hadn’t laughed an awful lot over the past month she realised.
He would be back soon she knew that she could feel it and then they would talk and then he was there.
She noticed not for the first time over the past four weeks how thin he had become. What was worrying him? He sat at the table and she put his dinner in front of him. ‘Hello Sean’ she said but nothing yet again.
She got up and poured herself another glass of wine and then the phone rang. She was in two minds to ignore it but she knew how people worried about her so she picked up the receiver.
The voice on the end said “Hello dear” - it was her mother-in-law. “How are you” the voice carried on.”Fine” was her reply. Her mother-in-law continued “we worry about you dear it has been four weeks since Sean’s funeral and we know you must be lonely and miss him and we worry so much” .
She smiled and just sat watching Sean not eating his beans on toast.


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lisamarie20010 about 11 years ago

Nicely done. I hadn't guessed the ending and when it came it was a shock!

JVJ1820 (joined about 11 years ago)

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