You can count me out. I'm over it. Through with you, done with everything....That's a lie. Count me in, it's about time, right? Six years is long enough to be apart. I've waited for this; you, maybe not. Either way, the date's approaching. Count me out, though, it might be a bad decision. No...count me in, I can't wait to see you. Remember that summer? Remember that WINTER? No, no, I can't see you, count me out. Count me in, count me out, I can't decide one way or the other. No, for sure, count me in, what am I waiting for - this is now or never. I've missed opportunities before, and not just with you. Please, count me in. Or, do I mean, count me out?


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NYgirlLovesCA (joined almost 14 years ago)
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I'm 34 and live in NY.

and these are my stories...(insert Law & Order sound here)...

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