"You can count me out. There's no way I'm gonna do this." Lewis strode to the door, coat in hand. I rose up from my chair, hand outstretched.

"Wait! I'm sure we can work something out." I cried. Lewis turned his head.

"Look, I don't want to be on your silly venture, and that's final." The brilliant star light shone in through the window, casting deep shadows along Lewis' face.

"Hey! It is not silly. It's an exploration to the deepest part of this world! They say that there's treasure and fortune awaiting for those who discover it."

"So how come no one's suddenly become five million bucks richer?" Lewis shot back. "Alex, it's a myth. Give it up."

"No, Lewis. I am going to find the fabled city of Milton Keynes, and nobody is going to stop me!" I slammed my fist down on the table. I could hear the ships engines cut out for a moment.

"Fine, I'll be at your funeral when this is done. The natives are brutal down there." Lewis pressed the door's panel, and it slid open. "I hear they still watch soap operas down there."

A shiver ran down my spine. Nobody should be forced to watch soap operas.


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"Hummingbird" James Vernon is a 16 year old A-Level student in England. He likes video games, tabletop games and making fun of things. In this way, he is much like the majority of the internet.

Unfortunately, like the majority of the internet, he isn't good at any of these either. However, he considers himself pretty good at writing.

And also at consistently using the third person. And also at thinking up terrible nicknames for himself.
And also at using the sentence beginning "And also."

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