"Wine is the one thing we have left in common," he thought, looking out over the set table before him. She had opted for the house red, as he did. She hadn't drunk much of her glass; no time for it between the business at hand. He had gorged himself of his own glass.

She drew some papers from her bag. Starched, sparkling papers with her lawyer's mark on them.
"Her lawyer's mark on her," he thought.

He motioned the waiter to quickly refill his cup. He emptied it with equal alacrity.

Not words, but papers passed between them. Dreams. Sorrows. Hatreds. He flipped to the last page without reading, and signed above his name. She took them back, stood, and walked out on him.


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bespectakate over 10 years ago

Beautiful and evocative, heartbreaking - all in a few paragraphs <3

Galen over 10 years ago

What Kate said. Lucid scene. Raw emotion.

Shtombu (joined over 10 years ago)

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