It was him. even now my breath drew short as I thought about it, all the things he used to do, all the million little ways that he would never let anything go, every little rumer that he spread or whisper behind my back.

Richard Delany had just walked into my board room. Mine.

I saw him look up and I know that he recognised me, I wished that I had chosen to wear the stilettos this morning instead of the practical comfortable shoes that are my fail safe whenever I know I am going to be in long meetings with my very glamorous bank manager (or should that be manageress - maybe not). No need to rock the boat.

My meeting had been a success, the grant was mine and in just six months my prototype was going to launch and change the world.

As I gathered up my things he said hello. I smiled, asked him how he was doing and thought of all the comebacks I had ever come up with just two minutes to late.

We made polite small talk.

I wished him well, and left him to clean the windows.


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Ararelucidness (joined almost 13 years ago)

Im a country lass from deep within Nelson's county in the East of England.

I wish I was more like the person I am in my head.

I wish I was a femme fetale.

I wish that everyone dressed like they did in the 40's.

I wish people wore more hats.

I wish I wore hats.

I wish I could walk past a jewellery shop with out stopping.

Maybe one day some of the above will come true.

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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero Just a regular person.
villain The one who always had it in for me, ever since school.
goal Let it go
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