I fumbled about with my phone, waiting. She was going to be late, but I was always early. Damn nature and nurture. Or is it nurture and nature? What the hell, man. Concentrate.

She went to Northern Illinois. She got a degree in English and is currently working as a barista. God, what a stereotype.

It's ok, get out of your comfort zone.

Ok, I think that's her. Is that her? No, no. The picture of her didn't look like that. I am way too overdressed for this place.

And I hate tea. Why did I get tea? Should I have waited to order? Damn it.


Shit! It's her.


Fuck, do I go for the hug, handshake? Oh ok, we are awkwardly sitting down. God, this has the grace of a child cutting a birthday cake with a chainsaw.

"So, I see you made it here in one piece," I am fucking lame.

"Ha ha, yeah. Traffic was killer though. I will be right back, I am going to get something to drink."


What in the hell. I apparently have the speech capabilities of a cat eating grape jelly. Just tripping over my tongue here.

"And I'm back."

"Wow, that was quick."

"Yeah, I use to work here, so I know some of the people."

"Oh cool..."

Yeah, way really cool.

"So, tell me about you."

Tell you about me? Where to begin? I think the air should at least be cleared here.

"About me? Man, it's been awhile since anyone has asked me that..."


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fancy dancing about 13 years ago

Hey, from a fellow individual who resides in Illinois and who has also gotten their degree in English, your story is good. It's hard to write dialog and I thought you did well.

V767 about 13 years ago


V767 (joined almost 14 years ago)
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