Simon had wanted some Crocs for ages. His mum resisted as she hated the sight of them, but she finally gave in when he pleaded for some for his birthday. He wore them day in, day out.

Footwear was always an issue in their house. They had to have so many pairs for school; outdoor shoes, trainers and plimsoles for PE, their parents found it a struggle to get them any shoes for outside of school. Having six children had it's benefits but it was a financial drain.

The end of the summer term neared.
"Have you got your trainers?" Simon's mum asked on the morning of Sports Day.
"Yeah," he grunted back at her.
"Are you sure?" she persisted.
"Oh for God's sake!" he yelled as he stamped up the stairs.

After work that day, his mum arrived home and sighed as she spotted his trainers on the stairs.

Simon came home from school, shame faced. He hugged her as he said, "I forgot my trainers."
"I know," she whispered, smiling that he still hugged her despite being a teenager.

"I hate these Crocs, mum," he said. "Got any plasters?"


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sad19 over 13 years ago

This made me smile. In fact, I am still smiling.

SelahWrites over 13 years ago

REally love the angle of the story. Awesome in its' simplicity, evocative of days when my youngster goofed up on shoe issues. Well DONE!

ganymeder over 13 years ago

Cute slice of life. :)

RebeccaEmin (joined over 13 years ago)
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