Lola. When I think of her my heart doesn't beat right. It doesn't go bathumpbathump like on television. It goes beep beep beep because I'm a robot.

Wait. It's more like a clock than a heart. They've placed me in front of the Barking Burger. I'm supposed to bark every hour. Tell people about the specials and deals and what delicious meat we have. Come taste our barky patties.

Instead every hour I call out Lola. Lola. She walks by the window and cocks her head as though she can hear me.

They talk about me being defective. A chip needs to be changed out. A screw needs to be tightened. My eyes are fixed on her window. And every hour I call out for her. Hoping she'll come down to see me.


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Galen over 10 years ago

yachiru! Good to see you again!

yachiru over 10 years ago

/wave I forget this is here sometimes and how fun it is to read and contribute to!

yachiru (joined over 11 years ago)

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