Can the dust be blown off of some that isn't tangible, something that constantly whirls through us?

She didn't have a single hand to hold, but she wasn't lost. The events leading up to her disappearing were normal enough: the first camping trip of the season with a man she utterly, and hopelessly loved, a trip up to Wisconsin to feel some more of those Midwest roots, and then, some relaxing days of looking for some work.

And that was it. That's all it took for her to disappear, and leave the internet all together. Before this, she had high hopes of writing at least one story per day in six minutes or less. The words used to freely fall from her finger tips bouncing on the keys, going clickity-clack at a lightening speed. All she had to do was press send and her story would be zipping through the inter webs, a space that doesn't seem tangible.

So, she felt lost, and lost she became.


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Lost, without a hand to hold.
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