The moon hung low in the sky, big and fat it was, looking down at us with an air of disapproval. As well it might given what we were up to. Burglary. Nasty business really, but needs must an all that. It had been Jack's idea, as were they all. He was the brains of the organisation, and what with him being the biggest and all, it would have taken a braver man than any of us to stand up to him and say no. That's how we come to be crouching in the bushes outside Millie's house.

'Ready, lads?' whispered Jack, as he stared at the porch which was half in the shadow of the old oak tree.

'You sure she's gone away?' Brian was the most cautious of us. Probably because he he'd lost an eye the last time he'd been banged up. Swore he'd never go back. Not for no one.

'Aye,' replied Jack. 'Saw her leave meself.' There was a pause, and then, 'Let's go.'

That was it, we were off. Three onto the porch, three around the back, jimmies and hacsaws in hand.

A light flickered on.



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