It was foggy, full of promise for a wet and drizzly day.

As she looked out to sea, deliberately pushing away the gloomy thoughts threatening to take hold, her thoughts wandered to those out there.

Not the ones who still had blood pumping round their bodies but rather those who never made it back to dry land.

Boys and men lost, loved by mothers and sweethearts. Trapped in the wrecks of ancient ships that were now just tourist sites for the seasonal divers.

No such visitors today. Summer was over (had it ever really arrived?) and a new season was making itself known.

Oh, how she hated those long winter months that could now be felt in the air.


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amanda over 10 years ago

I love Autumn and this made me excited about it. A lovely positive story.

lisa over 10 years ago

Great story - perfectly captures the emotions of those left behind.

JHarkin (joined over 10 years ago)

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