For some reason, I couldn't stop staring at the picture. It was... gorgeous, sure. The colors were somewhat exaggerated, leaving me with the sick feeling you get when you eat something that's got so much sugar in it, it might as well be syrup. The writing at the top is what really got my attention. I never really understood the whole point of Christ.

I mean, here we are, a bunch of people living on this planet that God created, and we're all pieces of crap destined to go to hell because we're just that bad. And along comes Christ and he decides to die to make sure we're not immediately damned to eternal torment. Why? To what end? To make sure we've got a fighting chance?

Honestly. If you were part god, would you really sacrifice yourself just to save a bunch of people bumbling around the planet with no aim or purpose, who exist only to exist?

Maybe it's because I'm human and I don't have superpowers. I mean, if I had powers, I wouldn't feel obligated to go out of my way and destroy the rest of my life just to help out people day in and day out. I might help the odd person when I came across them, but otherwise....

Maybe it just takes a better person than me to do what he did. Maybe it's because he was a better person than I am that he did what he did and I would have lied my ass off to the Romans to avoid getting executed.

Still, it wouldn't always take a better person to lend a helping hand. I don't need to die for the world, just help an old lady across the street because I'm there and I can and she needs it.

Maybe I'll do something good for another person today. Just because I can.

At any rate, I ignored the rest of the chain mail, deleted it and moved on.


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