The radio program came back from commercial and the husky voiced woman continued talking about robots. Steve imagined her full lips moving closely to the microphone as she discussed how robots should and should not be used.
"Some people say it's unnatural to give the elderly a robot companion," she said. "But it gives them something to talk to, even if they never respond. Studies show that seniors who have pets are happier, and live longer. But a dog cannot answer either, so what's the opposition to robots?"
Steve thought that was a stretch of belief, but her thick whiskey voice soothed him and he didn't object.
"I'm not talking about C3P0 here," she said. "Giving robots human features might be the biggest mistake we have made so far. But if the robot can sense the emotion in their voice, be it sadness or happiness, but most often loneliness, perhaps they could connect with other nearby robots and set up an activity between the strangers."


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Galen almost 11 years ago

Um. That's kind of a good idea. Why does this not exist in some manner?

CraigTowsley (joined over 11 years ago)
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I think this site is like a power juicer to the armadillo-skinned oranges of writer's block.

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