As he said it he turned his back to the others and crossed his arms in front of his chest. Come on! said Tim, you have to come with us or else we´ll lose the bet. Hep turned back to face his friends and took a deep breath. Ok, just this once and only for 5 minutes. The 4 boys turned to face the imposing old house that lay in front of them. Dormant for years, they had all heard the terrible rumours of what had happened there many years previously, when the Kellys had lived there. Jed went first. He was the biggest of the four and would have referred to himself as the bravest. The trees in front of the house were completly barren of leaves thoughit was autumn-normally a time when the trees were decorated in beautiful reds,oranges and browns.
Jesse shivered though it was not cold. The youngest of the group, he was usually the one that would go along with the others withoutthinking, but not this time. This time was different-he knew it but couldn´t explain why.


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