The disco ball was turning. But only in my head. I began to dance around again, like always when it started to spin. I looked in vain for a way out but they just laughed. It was like Hell but only worse because not only was the disco ball only in my head, so were the songs.

I didn't dislike Donna Summer but you can only take so much disco. The Bee Gees were better. They had a vast catalog of the beat. But the Xanadu soundtrack was the killer.

The straps tightened and the camera narrowed it's focus on my eyes. My terrified, nearly comatose eyes.

"Is he dead yet?"
"I don't know."
"Perhaps we need a little more Stars on 45?"

I could hear their laughter all the way in the room. It mixed with the percussive sounds of the Star Wars. Somewhere George Lucas is smiling.

Finally, in the all glorious end, the ball stopped spinning and I drifted off into the netherworld, the only sound, silence, and R2D2 telling me it would be OK.

"Death by disco works after all."


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