He grimaced as the flash went off, realizing too late that the final extant image of himself would so clearly portray the unease he was feeling at that moment. All well, he thought -- better that way.

On the one-off cedar deck table he had placed his remaining possessions. The cool glass beneath had the strange optical effect of making them seem blurred, though he knew his exhaustion was catching up with him.

"Ok, what do we do now?" he said to himself. Another sign, he chuckled, that things were going terribly.

He grabbed his smart phone first, and, unsurprised in the discovery that it had been drained of battery life days previous, set it just as quickly down. He couldn't play with his iPod for the same reason, and both chargers were lost somewhere in the mess of her apartment from he had been so recently evicted. The two singles remained from the last paycheck he had cashed earlier that day, and his headphones were broken from being dropp


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