Yes he did. Right between the eyes. It hurt like hell. ´Well I don´t think he did it on purpose´I lied. He was just really angry and he got out of control. Jimmy´s face was turning a strange shade of purple, he looked so enraged I thought he was on the verge of losing it. ´Thats it!- On what planet is it ok for an employer to hit an employee! It´s 2011,those kind of things shouldn´t happen!´. He grabbed his keys from the coffee table and moved towards the door. I ran and stood in front of it in a desperate bid to stop him from doing something he´d regret. He simply said´Maggie, move or I´ll move you myself´. I could tell from the look in his eyes he meant it. I moved and Jimmy stormed out.
5 hours later Iwas still waiting up for Jimmy to come back, he wasn´t answering his cell. Then the phone rang. I fall to the floor as theman tells me there are 2 dead


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