Her new glasses were magical. She saw the world in a whole new light. Literally. The lenses transitioned to pink shades in bright sunlight, giving her world a rosy glow like the unbridled optimism of youth. Indoors, the tint faded - though not too quickly - making her appreciate her now clearer vision.

The girl at the counter gave smiled and handed her the bill. Her credit card would hurt with this purchase, but then again...

she couldn't wait to get back outside.


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ganymeder over 11 years ago

Except for the typo, where I forgot to delete the word 'gave', I'm very fond of this piece.

ganymeder (joined over 11 years ago)
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Author Catherine Russell shares her life with her high school sweetheart, their son, and two ferocious puppies in the Wilds of Ohio while writing short stories, editing her novel, and learning more about the craft every day. Her work has been published in Flash Me magazine, Metro Fiction, Beyond Centauri, and the ‘Best of Friday Flash – Volume One‘ and the ‘Best of Friday Flash – Volume Two‘ anthologies.

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