One scoop chocolate, one scoop strawberry, it was amazing they hadn't seen each other for twenty five years but he could recall her favorite ice cream tastes. Wow she though,t he really did remember everything about them, maybe he was sincere, maybe he did love her, and never forgot about their deep, close, tender relationship.

"When I saw you again just now my heart really skipped a beat" he said softly, "I mean look at you, you have hardly changed at all, you are beautiful,l you look just the same, you look,well radiant" He was gushing with compliments, surely he was getting carried away she thought.

"Thanks" she said, spooning a small portion of ice cream into her trembling mouth, "how have you been"


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romance flash fiction




One scoop chocolate, one scoop...
Prompt suggested by CraigTowsley


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