The disco ball was turning. Who knew there were real discos anymore, with real disco balls?
This was my seventh time coming here in three weeks, all because of her. It was the same story every night: I walk in, I see her, I sit, I do nothing. Why do I do nothing? She paralyzes me. She paralyzes me but she doesn't see me. Or so I thought.


She's back. Again. Seven times. Seven nights of coming in, seeing me, sitting, and doing nothing. Why does she do nothing? It's clear she sees me. It's clear she wants to do something. I've decided to do something about it.

"Marissa." She didn't see me coming. She jumps as I whisper my name in her ear.
"C-come again?" She looks so shy. She looks terrified.
"Marissa. My name. In case you wanted to know." I offer her dumbstruck expression a smirk, and walk away. Your move, I think.


Marissa. Her name is Marissa. It wasn't until she was across the room that I even realized she'd walked away. That I even realized I was still conscious and in the room. That I even remembered to breathe again. Marissa. She's standing against the bar across the room, talking to someone else. When my gaze lingers, her eyes find mine. She smirks. Something snaps and I laugh. The spell is broken.

I walk across the room.


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