I'm lost.

The corn fields turned into and endless turning of green upon green, and I couldn't run because the leaves had become blades.

I've stopped walking. I've stopped screaming. Screaming only made me thirsty, and I even tried tearing a corn leaf to pieces to suck on something, anything. I tried to pull an ear and when I pulled the leaves back, a handful of black ear wigs fell onto my lap, pincher butts spread wide. I wiped them off and ran.

Something cut my upper arm.

I lay now, staring at the sky, it's gone from gray to bright blue, a blue like the eyes of my brother. I squint and hold my thumb against the sun, and I see fiery halos when I turn away.

I'm past being scared.

I walk some more.

I see an apple in the dust, one bite taken from it. I pick it up, it's white flesh is only somewhat yellowed. I take a bite and another and another and once I've sucked the juice from it, I take a deep breath.

I scream. Someone must be close. Someone has left this apple.

Noone answers. I sit down and finish the apple.

Perhaps I should have saved it?

I walk a little more, I notice the dust caked on my bare shins.

The sky is lavander when I give up and sit down. I hear mice skittering through the stalks. At least I hope they're mice. I lay on my back and see the stalks swaying, a breeze rushes through them. I close my eyes.

Something rolls against my body.

I pick it up.

It's another apple, one bite ripped through its flesh.


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