It was a cold day in May when Saffy and Blaze visited the zoo. They weren't too keen, but the weather was adverse enough to prevent bikini clad beach visits.

Saffy perked up when she realised they zoo had lots of tigers in residence. They trailed around behind a school group. Twenty or so seven year olds trying to behave in a way that kept their friends entertained, yet the teachers happy. The zoo was better than being cooped up in a classroom anyway.

Blaze said, "come on Saff, let's hear what this keeper has to say," as the twenty-something boy began to talk to the school group. The women loitered at the back, hoping the children wouldn't notice them. Listening for interesting facts.

Saffy looked at the tigers. In cages next to each other, they circled and paced, like they were performing their own type of dance. The keeper droned on. 'They eat... they sleep... " and as Saffy and Blaze listened he said, "we have to separate them at the moment as when a female tiger is in season, the male wants to mate over a hundred times a day."

The girls took it all in. As the keeper looked at Blaze, he said, "That's what her face looks like too."


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ganymeder over 12 years ago

Ha! Brilliant.

RebeccaEmin (joined over 12 years ago)
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