He was on edge today, I could tell. The whole drive over to the crime scene he was quiet. He is never quiet unless is trying to solve a case in five minutes, his ex-wife is being a pain in his ass or some thing more sinister was on his mind.

We crossed the holographic police line. It recognized our badge numbers and IDs instantly. These things save so much more time than that old, shitty tape we used years ago.

He knew who to talk to, and walked right up to the officer in charge.

"We got this boys," Gabriel shouted. We were easily 15 fifteen feet away. He could have waited. Patience never suited him.

"Says fucking who?" The officer replied candidly.

Gabriel loosened his tie, pulled his color over revealing his tattooed badge insignia.

"Fucking me. Now get your fucking men out of my scene before they ruin it."

The officer shook his head.

"Fucking Corps. Think you can do what you want?"

"We can," I said. "Now, move."

The unit left promptly, leaving Gabriel and me to look at the scene.

"What do we got" I asked Garbiel.

"Fuck if I know. We have been here five minutes, asshole."

He was really on edge.

"I mean, we have a fucking body over there. Looks like someone blew a whole through this wall here. Oh, and aliens had to be involved, or else they wouldn't have fucking called us!"

I took notes.

He got silent, and went work.


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