Capriciously, I repudiated the sky and all its lighting and thunder, snow and rain, and changing colors.

The paradigm wasn't there. Or was it?

Well, if it wasn't and if it were grounded by gravity, then so many Big Things are just frivolous.

Like love.

And losing a lover.

And even being born here, gasping for breath at first, and fighting through a mob just to climb some ranks and "make it." And those were the Big Things, too.

The paradigm here can't hold such Big Things if it was made to only hold such small, ambiguous entities like eating, sleeping, watching TV, and working away in the cubicle mine.

Are these the esoteric things left to monks in red robes who sit on hill tops and chant, "" with dueling nature, the dueling man inside themselves, with the dueling wind tricking them into thinking it's blowing two ways at once?

And if yes, if this is the paradigm that we are to grow up and thrive in, then why be so concerned with the pedantic things in the long run?


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