Nothing worse than weak coffee to start a Monday morning. I don't know how many times I've had to tell her, it's 2 scoops per cup of water and even then you aren't going to get a jolt when you drink it. I use three and a half scoops per cup of water and that right there is a coffee that will wake you up and send you out the door. No sense in drinking coffee flavored water, now is there.

So I poured out my cup and felt her eyes staring into the back of my head and I knew I should just lie and say I didn't feel too good this morning, but I had been thinking about how delicious this cup of coffee would be from the moment I hit snooze to when I finally dragged my pillow-lined ass from bed, all the way into the cold bathroom, and hot shower.

I mean, I've told her the ratio so often, she should remember. At least two scoops. She said she only used one scoop but I think she added too much water so it's probably more like a third of a scoop.

She gets mad when I can't remember a birthday or phone number, how hard it it to remember something you use every morning.


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