.that's when my life changed forever. Not only did i just shit myself, i was staring at the body og my bestfriend through the window of my car and she was dead. DEAD!!! what am i gonna tell her parents? Oh god, what am i gonna tell my Grandma? She'll be devastated! I know how much she loved annie! I know!!! Oh well i better get this over with.
I get out of the car and go to annie's body. THen i drag her to the river and push her in. Wait... was i not supposed to do that? Will the police get mad at me? Maybe i shouldn't tell anyone about this. Let's just pretend that this never happened. Ya 'cause that's a good idea. Just let Annie's body rot and her soul go unavvenged for the rest of time. Sounds good to me. Actually.... it does sound kinda good. I mean i'll have no more responcabilities. My grandad wants me to move in with him in Florida anyways. Maybe i should just run away. Ya that's a good idea. I get into my car and drive knowing that it'll be a while before i get there. A long while nd i better hurry or Annie's ghost will haunt me. I drive faster. Annie, oh god Annie. What have i done? I ran. I always told myself not to and i just did. Annie! Help me! Help. I try to stop but the road is slippery from the rainfall of an hour before. I slide and everything goes blank. AM i dead?


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